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We have tremendous talent in our people in Macquarie AirFinance and a culture that combines active collaboration and a take-ownership sense of responsibility. We encourage you all to use those talents to benefit your communities by donating your time, expertise and financial support to causes that inspire you.

Subject to the terms of the Employee Non-profit Support Policy, we will match donations you make to qualifying charities up to an aggregate limit of US$10,000 per year per employee and, if you volunteer to serve on the governing board of a charity, we will also provide that charity with a one-off donation of US$10,000. Please let HR know if you have questions on the details.

“The new dawn blooms as we free it
For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it
If only we’re brave enough to be it”
Amanda Gorman, 2021 Presidential Inauguration Poet, January 2021

-- John Willingham, Chief Executive Officer

JP Morgan Chace Corporate Challenge Fund

Macquarie AirFinance is participating in the 2021 JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge, a 3.5 miles/5.63 km race that promotes fitness, camaraderie and team work as well as supports local charities. This year we are running to support charities that help improve the lives of children and families around the globe. We are donating to charities in each of our office locations which foster children's well-being in three areas: nutrition, education and physical activity. We hope that you will join us in our fundraising efforts.

Support JP Morgan Chace Corporate Challenge Fund

Maui Wildfire Relief Fund

We have created this fundraiser to provide support to the people in Maui suffering from the wildfires earlier this month. We have several employees with strong ties to Hawaii and we look forward to seeing how much we are able to contribute to a cause that means a lot members of our MAF community.

Support Maui Wildfire Relief Fund